Reprinted from Farmington Daily Times

Sunday 9 October 2011
Feautured Home - Real Estate Section

This week, I had my first look at a Kozi Home in the Little Creek Subdivision. As a fan of green building and solar homes, I was impressed with the features in Kozi Homes, even more so when I learned that many of these features were inspired by the things the builder and his wife appreciated in their own home.

The 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home makes efficient use of space and is comfortably laid out. The master suite includes a dual vanity, separate shower and jetted tub as well as a good sized walk-in closet with built-in shelving. I like looking for little things that set a home apart, and before we get into the green features, the aesthetic feature I like most in this home is the ceiling drywall texture, a nicely done skip-trowel pattern. I don’t often see that type of detail unless done at a homeowner’s request.

Now, down to the solar, green and safety features that are standard in Kozi Homes. All the homes have the option to be built with plumbing-based, fire suppression systems, grey-water system, photovoltaic solar panels and solar thermal panels. Whole-home, in-floor, radiant heating provides even heating in the winter, all by solar means is also an option.

The fire suppression system may lower your homeowners insurance in addition to adding to your peace of mind. Grey-water systems are a way of recycling “clean” water, for example, from a shower or sink, into a separate containment where it is re-purposed for outdoor use or flushing. The 3KW solar panels contribute to or completely supply the home’s electrical supply.

The home is well-insulated with triple-pane windows, R-26 to R-38 insulation plus reflective wrap. On the day I visited, the weather was practically perfect, so I couldn’t check for drafts and such, but I will say the house was soundproof against all outside sounds which indicates to me a good measure of the insulating quality.

Kozi Homes can build homes on remote land sites that have limited access to utilities, but part of the nice thing about their decision to build in Still Creek is that the area is growing to include things such as walking trails, parks, ease of access to Farmington and so much more. Being outside of Farmington, there are a number of loan programs that are suitable for this home such as USDA/RDA or section 184. An on-site lender can walk you through what program works best for you.

This home is listed by Sanchez and Sanchez Real Estate Services. To see this home, call Randy Gonzales at 327-9039, or stop by one of their many open houses. Directions (from Farmington): go West on Hwy 64. 1.1 miles west of LaPlata Hwy, turn right onto Four Seasons, left onto Onoto, left onto Primevera and right onto Soaring Eagle.

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